You know what’s a real pain? Balancing data analytics with user privacy. We’ve all felt that sting. Ever since the European Union tightened its privacy laws, it’s been a real mess. Analytics or privacy – we were told we had to pick. But why can’t we have both?

Imagine a tool that seamlessly integrates with your current analytics setup. Google Analytics, Mixpanel, everything. This isn’t a rip-and-replace situation. It’s an add-on, a safeguard.

Meet OzoLayer, your future solution to privacy-compliant analytics.

OzoLayer is like the ozone layer for your data. Just like the ozone layer keeps the harmful UV rays away from us, OzoLayer keeps your users’ data safe from unnecessary exposure. It’s a layer of protection, a shield that ensures that only GDPR-compliant data gets through.

How’s OzoLayer planning to do this? Here’s a sneak peek:

Proxy Server: No more direct contact between your users’ browser or app and your analytics servers. OzoLayer acts as a proxy, keeping user IPs and terminal info under wraps.

Data Pseudonymisation: The goal is to have an algorithm that ensures a sufficient level of collision and includes a time-varying component, so re-identification becomes next to impossible.

Filtering: OzoLayer filters out referrer info, URL parameters, and other sneaky identifiers that could lead to re-identification.

Data Hosting: And of course, OzoLayer is being designed with data hosted within the EU to comply with the strictest data protection laws.

OzoLayer isn’t about choosing between analytics and privacy. It’s about having your cake and eating it too. It’s about getting the insights you need while keeping your users’ data safe and secure.

We’re still in the early stages, but we’d love to have you join us on this journey. Let’s create a safer digital environment together.

Welcome to the future of privacy-compliant analytics. Welcome to OzoLayer.